First Meal Plan of the New Year


Happy Sunday, friends. As we wrap up the weekend and our holiday break, I'm plopped up on my couch getting ready to make a meal plan for (the rest of) this month. I have a few cookbooks and binders next to me, for inspiration, as well as my notebook and a pencil to jot down ideas and make a rough draft of my meal plan.

I found the template above on Canva, but modified it a little for what I needed. I just really liked the color blocking and will be adding my dinner plans as soon as I figure out what they are. 

A small sampling of the (maybe too) many cookbooks I have and use when meal planning for the month.

Just a binder full of a few family recipes and another full of some recipes that fell out of older cook books!

I really enjoy meal planning- it makes life a little easier and absolutely saves us money. We add leftover nights, a breakfast for dinner night, and one or two takeout/delivery nights a month, so that helps the planning move along pretty quickly. It'll likely take me 30 minutes to plan this month's dinners. 

Do you meal plan? What are some of your top tips for meal planning?