Check the Chip

As a pet parent, I cannot explain the importance of a microchip enough.  I see so many lost pet postings on social media and they all seem to have a common theme... no microchip or bad information from the chip.  

Microchips greatly increase the chances that pets will be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen…but a microchip only works if its registration information is accurate. As a pet parent this is a crucial part of taking care of them.

My Sara doesn't go outside, but on occasion has been curious enough to step out on the porch.  If she ever got loose I know we'd be able to have a fighting chance to find her and get her home because of her chip. It takes one mistake or curiosity of the cat that puts her in harms way.

Thor is chipped because he does go outside and is the biggest scaredy cat. He gets freaked out by leaves, basketballs, and bugs. If he got loose his chip tells anyone that scans it that he belongs home with me.

If you are having a hard time finding a place to get your pet chipped, start with your vet. Register once per year and keep your records current.