6 Tips to Keep Back to School Shopping Budget Friendly


We have 2 more weeks of our summer break left and while I wish I had the idea to write this post earlier, I'm hopeful it will still come in handy. 

These are tips I use myself.  Some are basically second nature to me now (especially 1, 2, and 5) and others that I need to be reminded of yearly (3).

1. Make a List and Buy a Little at a Time- Make a list of what they'll need, watch for sales, and chip away at the list throughout the summer. 

2. Shop Sales- Many sales happen closer to the start of school (think a specific crayon brand) and planning to shop for certain supplies during these sales can help you save some serious money. 

3. Reuse What You Can- I've definitely been guilty of buying all new things at the beginning of the school year- even though I realize it's not always necessary.  I think it's some sort of response to my inner child, but I'm no therapist.

 It's weird when my own kids point out that last year's (insert school supply here) is in good shape and can be used again this year. Well, maybe not last year's...😉

Also, make sure to check any school supply stock you have from years past. I've recently found a ton of lined paper, notebooks, crayons, pencils, and highlighters all still new in the package! 

4. Look For Back to School Rallies- Sometimes local businesses, churches, and other organizations host rallies where you can receive free school supplies for your students. I find information about rallies near me simply by following our district on social media. Our mayor and local news outlets share information as well.

5. Use Those Rebate Programs/Apps-  My personal favorite rebate program has had so many offers for this back to school season, including quite a few that end up being freebies!

6. Keep it Simple- Remember you won't need to have everything on the first day, or even the first week of school. Focus on the absolute necessities at first and go from there. 

*Bonus Tip*- Join your local Buy Nothing Project Group. While there are no guarantees on what you'll be able to find, I've seen many school supplies listed in my own local group. It's absolutely worth looking into. 

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