Tik Tok Made Me- Air Fryer Edition

I follow the most random people on Tik Tok.  Some make me laugh and others just make me hungry.   I have been seeing a lot of air fryer recipes and I didn't have an air fryer.  So of course for Christmas I asked my husband for another gadget (I either get kitchen gadgets or cleaning tools every year because I pick). I am slowly running out of counter space but I am so willing to part with my stove. 
I am slowly finding that there is not much you cannot cook in an air fryer.  I've made breakfast food, dinners, and special treats. So far I love bacon and cinnamon rolls so much better in the air fryer so much more than I ever did in the oven. 

Tik Tok made me want an air fryer but it was worth it to me. I noticed some weight loss, I feel better eating smarter, and portion control is there because the air fryer holds less than my oven does so I don't over eat because I make family of 4 portions although now we are a family of 2. 

What are you making in yours today?