Back to School Anxiety and Me!

 Well, it finally happened. We got a letter in the mail from one of the girls' schools letting us know that the first day of school would be Thursday, August 27th. Every year, I really have a hard time coming to terms with the start of the school year. This year, though, I am absolutely DREADING it.

Notice the date this was written? We received it more than a month later, August 8, 2020! 

I am one of those moms that really just enjoys summer break. I mean, yeah, the kids get on my nerves (and I get on theirs too), but I love the slow pace, the memory-making without having to worry about rigid schedules and timelines, and the freedom to maybe stay in our pajamas for a day. 

This year, things are so different. Parents were given surveys to determine how districts would proceed at the start of the school year. My husband and I had discussed and gone over options, and finally decided that we would keep the girls home for the first marking period. I was confident in the choice, but once I actually filled out the survey, I was beside myself with worry. Was I absolutely sure this was the best option? Will my children face horrible struggles later on in life because of this choice? The thing is, I'll never know until we actually go through it all. Like everyone else, we had to make the best choice we could, based on the limited information we'd been receiving. 

My youngest daughter (8 years old) is struggling with a lack of social interaction. She misses her school friends fiercely. She has cried herself to sleep over things no 8-year old child should ever have to consider, and it breaks this Mamas's heart. On the other side, my oldest daughter is (seemingly) totally cool with doing things from home, and since she is nearing 13, she has an easier time staying connected with her friends via text messaging and Zoom meetings. However, I worry about both of them. 

I know that they need to have in-person social experiences with their peers. I need in-person social experiences with my peers and I'm one of the biggest introverts that I know. I'm worried if we wait too long, they'll experience social/emotional struggles, but I also worry that rushing into things to meet their social/emotional needs will cause us to face other health issues. 

These are just a few of the thoughts floating through my mind. I'm certain I'm not alone. Leave a comment and let me know how you're dealing with back to school this year. I look forward to hearing from you!