The 26 Nights of Movies Game


Hey friends! I know this might ruffle a few feathers, but sometimes we watch television while we eat dinner. After a long day of school the kids need a brain break and the dining room table is not always cleared off, so we pull tray tables up to the couch, find a show or movie we all agree on, and watch as we eat.

Last month, we watched a few of our favorite Halloween movies and next month we'll watch our favorite Christmas movies, but there isn't too much to watch for Thanksgiving, so my kids and I have been playing the 26 Nights of Movies game!

This is just something we came up with because we love playing (what we always called) the alphabet game. We have been taking turns (youngest to oldest) choosing movies to watch with each corresponding letter. We did start this on November 1st, so the end of the game will line up pretty nicely with the start of Christmas movie watching! 

Here's what we've watched so far:
A- Aladdin (live action)
B- Beauty and the Beast (animated)
C- Camp Nowhere 
D- Ducktales the Movie
E- The Emperor's New Groove
F- Free Birds
G- The Game Plan
H- Hocus Pocus (we just watched this last month, but we love it so it was allowed)
I- Incredibles
J- Jessie (The Disney Show)

We have made some 'allowances', like including a "Halloween movie" as well as a television show, but that's mostly because it's our first time playing the 26 Nights of Movies game. I hope this becomes a tradition for our family because it is a lot of fun and sometimes a bit of a challenge to come up with a movie for each letter that is appropriate for everyone to watch. There have also been times where I've drawn a complete blank and go on to see what there is and end up flabbergasted that I didn't think of it before. 

I hope you'll give this game a try too. I'd love to hear some movie suggestions for movies starting with the letters K-Z and I'll do my best to update this blog post with the movies we end up watching over the next 16 days! 

Have a top-notch Thursday!