3 Inexpensive Father's Day Gift Ideas That He Will Love!


Whether you are short on funds or are just trying to make sure not to bring more "stuff" in the house, I have 3 inexpensive gift ideas for Father's Day to share with you. 

1. The Gift of Organization- My husband, Matt, has a massive amount of tools. Despite all of the drawers, chests, and tables he has, his collection is still a bit of a mess. I'd love to organize and give the garage a bit of a makeover and I know he would appreciate having everything cleaned up and more easily accessible. If the Dad you need ideas for doesn't have a crazy amount of tools, maybe he has a bunch of clothes (outdated, holey, etc). Maybe he needs help with organizing his kitchen or some other area.

Matt enjoys day trips and scenic hikes with the girls!

2. Day Trip- Depending on his interests, this could mean a trip to the beach, checking out a local ball game, or going for a hike and having a picnic. If there is a chance that the weather may be less than desirable for outdoor adventures, your backup could be checking out a new movie! Be sure to view your favorite theater's reward/discount promos ahead of time! 

A coupon book Matt received as a birthday gift a few years ago. Still has some coupons in it! 

3. Coupon Book- While this is generally a gift given by younger kids, it is also a great gift if you are an older child who is short on funds but not creativity. Our girls have made these a couple of times and they are awesome. Making a coupon book helps them take ownership of the ideas to include and we secretly get to find out what they love doing (or would love to do one day) with us so we can do more of it during the year. 

How will you be celebrating Dad this year? We'd love to hear about it, so be sure to leave a comment!