DIY Disney-Inspired Topiary

Happy almost Friday! Today I thought I would share a sweet craft I originally saw shared on @thecarriedawn's TikTok page
I love the end result, but my favorite part of this is that all of the items to complete it came from the dollar store! 

For each topiary you will need
Dowel (cut in half)
Mini planter 
1 medium foam ball
2 small foam balls
Floral foam
Package of moss*
Rocks (not pictured)
2 Toothpicks (not pictured)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks (not pictured)

*This project will be much easier if you are able to locate moss balls at your local dollar store. We went to 2 different stores and neither had the moss balls. 

-Get your hot glue gun set up. 
-Open the moss and rub it between your fingers to create finer pieces and place it in a shallow bowl or on a paper plate.
-Carefully add glue to the medium foam ball and dip & roll it in the moss. Repeat until the ball is completely covered. Set aside.
-Repeat glue and moss steps for small foam balls.

-Place floral foam in the bottom of planter, trimming if necessary. 
-Place dowel half in floral foam, adding some hot glue to secure it.

-Once dowel is secure and glue is dry, carefully slide medium foam ball onto dowel.
-Add the toothpicks to the medium foam ball, where the 'ears' will go.

-Add a small foam ball onto each of the toothpicks.

-Add rocks on top of floral foam.

-Find a spot to display your topiary.