3 of Our Favorite Apps/Websites That YOU Should Be Using Too!


Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I wanted to share a few of the apps and websites we have been using that have proven to be pretty helpful over the years. Some of the links I share in this post will be referral links, which means I get "rewarded" should you decide to start using the app or website, but I promise that has no bearing on my reason for sharing them with you!


The first that I want to share is Ibotta. Ibotta is a rebate app that rewards you for shopping. You typically have to scan your receipt, but you can also link loyalty cards and even your Instacart account, for receipt-free rebates. I appreciate that you can be rewarded for referring your friends and family to the app and if you follow Ibotta on social media, you can enter some pretty great contests from time to time. 

I have personally been using this app since 2013, and while I haven't used it as actively as I could have been, I'm impressed that my "Lifetime Earnings" have totaled $218.13! 


The next one is a website called Ripple Street. This is a fun website to join if you are interested in trying free products from brands you love. You do have to promise to share your experiences with these products and there is no guarantee that you will be selected to participate in the events you are interested in, but it is free to join and it's fun to participate. 

We got to try some American Flatbread Pizzas as part of an opportunity through RippleStreet.


The last is also a website and it's called instaGC. This website rewards you for different tasks, from survey taking to video watching and lots of activities in between. Now, you are not going to make millions here, but depending on your availability and effort you can earn 100-200 points ($1-$2) a day relatively easily. You can redeem your points for giftcards (the GC in instaGC) or opt for other rewards like a deposit to your PayPal account or even Direct Deposit to your bank account! You can check out the online guides for instaGC here

This is a current screenshot from my personal instaGC account. I don't use this one as actively as I should, but I'm trying to change that. 

I hope that you are able to check out and make use of at least one of these. If you have a website or app that you use, please let us know in the comments. Every little bit helps!

Have a terrific Tuesday!