How to Make Paper Lanterns

Thank you for participating in our Light it up 2020 event.  With times being rough for everyone it is especially important to come together even if we can't physically be together.  Here is an easy way to make a lantern at home with things you may already have.  This can be a family affair.

Option 1
What You will Need
Construction paper- red, yellow, or white
Tape or a stapler
Flameless candle 
Any decorations you have- ie ribbon, glitter, stickers. Etc

Take a full sheet of paper and cut one ribbon/strip about an inch thick. 

Take the remaining paper and fold in half lengthwise. 

With your ruler measure an inch straight across the top.
Do cuts 1 inch apart from the bottom of the paper to the line you drew.

Decorate how you want.
Unfold the paper and glue, tape, or staple the section that is not cut.

Need a visual? Check out the tutorial.